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I am a firecracker, I am a boundary pusher, and above all I am a story teller. My name is Jared Lamar.

How I work

My approach involves understanding the ins and outs of a problem, then finding a way within those details to solve it. That may mean taking a look at the data and analyzing what's going wrong, or talking to a brand representative to understand exactly who the brand is and who they want to be. My approach involves understanding the roles and skills of my team, making a plan that plays to those strengths and that teaches around those weaknesses. Ideally every project makes you grow and every project allows you to shine.

What I want

My ideal environment is team driven. I thrive off of the social and intellectual energy of the people around me, as well as sharing inspiration, drive, and a sense of community with them.

What I do

At home, I enjoy Marvel movies, fantasy writing, and making electronic music. One of my current ventures is learning how to play the acoustic guitar. I love to sing, act, and cook. I've recently gotten into audio books in both fiction and Self Help genres. There is nothing in the world that I love more than a good story.

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